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We are the Exclusive Dealer of the Barrel Blazer®* Heating System!

Barrel Blazer Spray Foam Warmer Barrel Blazer Spray Foam Material Heater Barrel Blazer SPF Warmer

SprayWorks is always looking for ways to improve cost and the way contractors manufacture and process spray foam and coating materials. The #1 most common tech calls in the fall, winter and spring sessions is a direct result of cold material. When your material gets cold it thickens in viscosity. When contractors try to process cold material, this can create a domino effect, the transfer pump fails to deliver material to the machine when it needs it, the machine goes off ratio, pressure sensors shut down the machine, error codes appear , the spray gun crosses over, and applicator has sprayed a bad shot of material. At this point nobody is working until all is corrected resulting in hours of lost time and money.

There are many types of heat wrapping devices on the market to choose from, but none of them heat at the source in the drum where the problem starts. The Barrel Blazer safely heats your material at the bottom of the drum where the materials are being pumped from. The units are also fully serviceable and available with heating element options giving you more choices for those products that require higher drum temperatures. The barrel blazer heating units are not just a one trick pony; the units assist in securing your barrels and works with most any other drum transport system. The units are also fully serviceable and upgradable giving you more options for other products that require higher drum temperatures. When other heat wrapping devices fail, contractors have no means of getting them repaired quickly and in most cases there only option is replacement.

Another added benefit when using the barrel blazer heating system is that the heat rises from the bottom of the drum to the top, therefore slowly agitating the material as well. The barrel blazer heating system will start paying for itself right out of the box saving you not only in costly down time but will help increase delta T's performance and lesson the load on the primary heaters of the spray foam machine or polyurea machine you are using, not to mention resulting in higher yield gain saving you money in lost product.

Finally a drum heater that is serviceable, dependable and works - the Barrel Blazer Spray Foam Material Warmer, exclusivley from SprayWorks Equipmen Group:

Barrel Blazer Spray Foam Materials Heater Barrel Blazer Spray Foam Warmer

  • Designed to be used in mobile trucks and trailers or in manufacturing facilities and warehouse
  • Low wattage (energy efficient) consistent heat source
  • Easy replicable wattages available for those products that require even higher temperatures.
  • Easy to install
  • High conductive plate that uniformly heats drums from the bottom
  • The size of this unit takes up less space than other drum holding devices
  • Features a high strength rugged aluminum frame
  • Plug Multiple heaters together same outlet
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Unit comes with a power cord
  • Units are modular and connect to each other for added space savings
  • Colors are available
  • Designed as a low profile heating device that also works with most any other drum transport system
  • Comes in several powder coated color selections
  • Units come with or without a wall mountable control box with light on indicator
  • Made in USA



Barrel Blazer Hot Plate Results

BARREL BLAZER®* heats spray foam material by placing the drum onto a highly conductive drum size heating plate.

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*Patent pending.